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My Favorite Dishes of 2015

Written By: Mary Bloch - Dec• 29•15

I ate very well in 2015. Here are the dishes that were the most memorable, in no particular order but the first two, both of which I submitted as my favorite dishes of 2015 in the January issue of KC magazine.

Spicy Pork Buns--the American

  1. The Spicy Pork Buns in the lounge at the American Restaurant. Instead of using the more traditional soft Chinese bun, Chef Michael Corvino tucks a slice of luscious pork belly into an adorable, pillowy and chewy homemade English muffin that has been perfectly toasted, which he then tops with an addictive XO sauce, and homemade bread & butter pickles to cut the richness of the pork. There are three sublime little sandwiches to an order, and it is ridiculously hard for me to share with my table companion.

2.  Chef Ryan Brazeal often has octopus on the menu at Novel, but the one last spring that I begged him to never take off the menu was the Spicy Octopus with dried shrimp, polenta and red miso. Octopus is braised with lemon and chiles until tender, then charred with a torch to “blacken” it Cajun style. Served with soft pieces of polenta, a mix of local greens, and popcorn that has been tossed in a red miso butter, the  dish is pulled together by a dried shrimp XO sauce. The polenta tempers the heat while the popcorn is totally captivating and unexpected. Each bite is a revelation and invariably has my rapturous attention.

Carne Adovado Burrito--Tecolote Cafe 3. Carne Adovada Burrito Christmas style at Tecoloté Cafe in Santa Fe.  The pork is spicy and tender, and probably the best rendition of the dish in the city. The crispy potatoes are a bonus.

Reuben at Summit Bar and Grill
4. Summit Bar and Grill. This Reuben is made just like I love it. Thick slices of house-braised corned beef brisket, lots of melted swiss and 1,000 Island dressing on griddled rye.

Tuna Two Ways--Geranimo

 5. Tuna Two Ways from Geranimo in Santa Fe. Ahi tuna sashimi and tartare with Buttermilk Scallion Pancakes, Wasabi Crème Fraiche, Avocado, Soy lime Syrup, Shiso Leafs & Tobiko Caviar. Finger food for adults.

6. Roast chicken and mashed potatoes at Blvd Tavern. It’s the perfect comfort food, done flawlessly. Beautiful meat, smooth mashed potatoes and a lovely gravy.

Huevos Rancheros--Lavanda Cafe

7. The Heuvos Rancheros Cafe in San Miguel de Allende.  The poached eggs are picture perfect.

Beefsteak Burger at Cleaver & Cork.

8.  Beefsteak Burger at Cleaver & Cork. Topped with cheese curds, sweet onion mustard and porcini aioli, and serve with awesome crispy fries. Can’t go wrong with Local Pig meat.


9. Seafood Paella at my house. A shout out to Broadway Butcher Shop for the gorgeous tuna, the sweet scallops and shrimp, the mussels and the spicy chorizo…and service with a smile.

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  1. LFFL says:

    I’ve not tried a lot of these places yet. Been wanting to. The pictures looks inviting that’s for sure.

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