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Written By: Mary Bloch - Jun• 30•16

It’s that time of year again and, in Kansas City, the choices are better than ever for those of us who love ice cream. A few weeks ago we discussed the topic on KCUR’s the Food Critics. Here’s my list.

Betty Rae’s in Waldo is a newcomer on the scene and has quickly risen to the top of the ranks.  It will transport you back to your own childhood, and your kids will also love this old-fashion ice cream shop. If you like coffee ice cream, here you can find your nirvana; the very intense coffee ice cream uses Thou Mayest coffee. Be sure to try it in one of the soft and chewy homemade waffle cones. Friendly service and an array of unusual flavor combinations (s’mores ice cream anyone?) win the day.IMG_6065-1-420x280

Glacé reigns supreme when it comes to upscale favors with trendy ingredients, including my favorites–basil lime sorbet, fresh mint chocolate flake, and the fleur de sel caramel. Beware the chocolate is VERY rich.

Murray’s in Westport is a Kansas City institution.  I love any of the flavors featuring chocolate chips…expressly espresso, chunky chocolate chip, ultimint mint, chocolate chocolate chip.

Mely’s in Corinth has been around for more than 25 years. The ice cream is not homemade, but I love the Colombo Frozen yogurt. We used to take our kids there since it was relatively healthy, and then brought quarts home to store in our freezer for whenever the urge hit us.

Sylas and Maddy’s from Lawrence reminds me of Ben and Jerrry’s and Haagen Daz. My favorite (no surprise for anyone who knows me) is the cappuccino chip. The same ice cream is also sold closer to home at Miami Ice on 39th St.

Poppy’s Ice Cream and Coffeehouse in Lee’s Summit is another old-fashioned ice cream shop that brings them in at all hours. I love the toffee coffee ice cream (detecting a theme here?)

With the 4th of July right around the corner, you have a long weekend to check out some of these shops. The list is certainly not exhaustive, so let me know your favorites and I’ll do some more research!

7/1/16 Update: Betty Rae’s was just named one of the top new ice cream shops in the country!

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