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Best of “French Fries”

Written By: Mary Bloch - Apr• 07•17

I am often asked about this topic, given my rather well-known penchant for fried spuds.  Unfortunately, I was out of town for the KCUR Food Critics show this week that focused on the best French Fries in town, so I decided it was time to weigh in on my favorites in this space.

All of my favorite French fries have the same essential attributes; 1) they are thin, not thick (no steak fries for me), 2) they have not been dipped in a batter, 3) the skins are still on, and 4) they must be crispy.  I’m partial to potatoes that have been fried in duck fat, but triple fried also do the trick.

On any given day, one batch of fries may be better than another, so in alphabetical order, here are my favorites:

Bluestem Lounge

Blvd Tavern

Brewery Emperial

Cafe Europa (as long as the slicer is set to a thin setting; if they are thick they lose my vote)

Char Bar   

Danny Edwards Blvd BBQ (order them crispy)

Gram and Dun      

Howard’s Cafe


Q 39

A new favorite is at the barely week-old Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room, which takes the concept of fries to a whole new level by providing a touch of elegance to this traditional side dish. Fingerling fries are snuggled in a beautiful pottery bowl with aioli and green garlic  XO dipping sauces. 

Please weigh in on my list in the comment section and add your own favorites!

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  1. Mike Rainen says:

    Mary, I could not agree more on the Corvino fries. A virtual religious experience. M

  2. Jacques Bredius says:

    The tripled fried fries at Stock Hill are nothing to sneeze at either!!!!!

  3. Jacques Bredius says:

    The triple fried fries at Stock Hill are nothing to sneeze at either!!!!

  4. Patrick Robichaud says:

    Europa fries with their home-made mayonnaise. My Achilles heel

  5. haley says:

    What about Beer Kitchen, Westside Local, Westport Café & Bar, and Hi Dive?! All are soooo good!

  6. Lindsey says:

    Another great place for fries but a little more outta kc – Bates City bbq fries are amaaazing. I have tried some of these but great list I will have to venture out here soon 🙂

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