Food Around Kansas City

Q 39

    Q 39 is an anomaly in town. It’s one of the few restaurants in town with a focus on barbecue that has a serious array of other offerings. The award-winning chef/owner, Rob Magee, turns out some pretty awesome chicken, brisket and fall-off-the-bone tender ribs, while also serving up salmon salad, burgers, and chicken tortilla […]

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Kansas Town

There had already been a lot of buzz around Kansas Town when we walked in the door with friends a couple of weeks ago. So I was a bit surprised to find that we were the only diners. Though others filtered in during the course of the evening, after our dinner there it’s surprising to […]

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Latin Bistro Express: First Taste

Latin Bistro Express is the fast casual concept created by Chef Tito of Latin Bistro in North Kansas City. While the man himself was in the house the day I went through the food line, it was not as pleasant an experience as my visits to his bistro have been. And I’m talking just about […]

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Anna’s Oven

We went to Anna’s Oven on a cold, dreary and rainy November evening. Except for the fact that it was no fun dodging puddles, it was the perfect night to enjoy some engaging comfort food, which is exactly what Anna’s oven is all about. The restaurant itself is endearing and, though you order at a […]

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Room 39

I’ve always loved Room 39. The servers are consistently friendly and knowledgeable, the space has a lovely coziness to it and the restaurant’s personality shifts as the clock does. In the  morning it’s an upscale coffee shop, with exceptional coffee and egg dishes, including a quiche that is probably  four inches high. At lunchtime, it’s […]

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