Food Around Kansas City

The Preservation Market in Bridger’s Bottle Shop

Alex Pope has done it again. Now those of us who love The Local Pig and Pigwich have a midtown option when we want our fix. Pope recently opened a food shop called Preservation Market inside Bridger’s Bottle Shop, creating a restaurant within a beer market. Here’s how it works. Bridger’s offers more than 600 bottles of beer […]

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Bier Station

What a great concept the Bier Station is! My husband I went last month, not having the slightest clue what to expect other than that it’s a venue selling beer to consume on site or to go. We walked in at 6 pm to find a very full house. Looking around to get our bearings […]

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Haus–First Taste

I’m introducing First Taste with this entry. I’ve wanted for some time to provide readers with my first impressions of a new restaurant without a full-blown, detailed account of the menu and my experience. Haus seemed like the perfect place to roll out this new feature because with just one visit I thought it was […]

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The Green Room

The Green Room  is located in Westport, fittingly next to a theatre (green room, get it?). It also tries to be green in terms of our environment, thus the double-entendre…. Recently opened, it aims to provide a comfortable place to have a good burger at an affordable price, while also perhaps washing it down with […]

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The Westside Local

I was excited to try the newest addition to Kansas City’s restaurant scene, The Westside Local Restaurant at 16th and Summit. It’s next to a great Mexican joint, Los Alamos Market Y Cocina, and just a block from Fervere, my favorite bread bakery. The main dining room is long and somewhat narrow, and the bar […]

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