Food Around Kansas City

We all scream…

It’s that time of year again and, in Kansas City, the choices are better than ever for those of us who love ice cream. A few weeks ago we discussed the topic on KCUR’s the Food Critics. Here’s my list. Betty Rae’s in Waldo is a newcomer on the scene and has quickly risen to the […]

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Glace* Artisan Ice Cream by Christopher Elbow

Glace is Christopher Elbow’s newest endeavor, having made a name for himself in the chocolate business. He utilizes some of those same ingredients to concoct truly outrageous flavors of ice cream. The flavor list reads like a grocery list–sweet corn, goat cheese and cherry, basil lime sorbet, fresh mint, lemon curd with blueberry, caramelized banana […]

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Is it Christmas time already?

Halloween hasn’t even come and gone, yet Peppermint ice cream is back in the freezer section of your favorite grocery store. Strictly a seasonal item, I’m not used to seeing it before the candy corn and other snack size treats have been snapped up. But Edy’s and Blue Bunny are ahead of the game this […]

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